The SUPCERAT™ is a unique chemical complex that was developed, tested and approved by Dr. Marina Landau, through ASHLAND laboratories, one of the world leaders in their field in the French Riviera. The SUPCERAT™ has been clinically tested in human skin tissues and has been proven to be extremely effective in restoring the epidermal barrier, supporting skin health from the inside – out and delaying the aging process of the skin. The SUPCERAT™ consists of 3 active ingredients: ceramides of plant origin, a stimulating peptide, and Camu Camu extract (a superfruit from the Amazon forests) rich in antioxidants and vitamins.
All the moisturizing and cleansing products of the series are based on aloe vera leaf extract as the base of the formulas, instead of water. Aloe vera has soothing, anti-inflammatory and moisturizing properties, and so – instead of getting a very large percentage of a base material without any additional benefit (water) we get all the benefits of aloe vera – even before we talked about our unique complex and a combination of additional active ingredients.
Yes, all our preparations are vegan.
No, the preparations have not been tested on animals.
Our preparations do not contain perfume and parabens or other substances that do not work to restore the epidermal barrier.

When you say "without alcohol" it means "without ethanol", alcohol is a large group of chemical substances in this link to the FDA website there is a good explanation:


Products labeled “alcohol free” may still contain cetyl alcohol, or other fatty alcohols such as stearyl, cetearyl or lanolin alcohol. The term “alcohol,” used by itself, generally refers to ethanol (also known as ethyl alcohol or grain alcohol)

תוכלי להתייעץ עם סקין תרפיסטית, אשר הוכשרה והוסמכה על ידי מרינה לנדאו, והיא בקיאה ברזי אבחון העור. אנו עובדים עם סקין תפריסטיות בפריסה ארצית.

באתר שלנו ניתן לאתר סקין תרפיסטיות מרחבי הארץ ואת פרטי התקשרות שלהן.


Sensitive skin is basically skin whose epidermal barrier is damaged. Our preparations essentially work to restore the epidermal barrier since they all contain the SUPCERAT™ complex.
With the exception of our Vita Vi serum containing retinol, all products are suitable for use during pregnancy and breastfeeding.
All our products contain active ingredients aimed at restoring the epidermal barrier. The soap can cause redness and mark the areas where the barrier is damaged. If this happens, you must use it on damp skin and dilute it with a little water and keep it moist.

You can check the components of each preparation on our website, and on each preparation.

In the restoration process of the skin, which includes cleaning, the activity of the cells is accelerated and it is possible that pimples that are under the skin will come out faster. In such a case, the rehabilitation or care routine should be continued.


BARRIER SUN + contains an innovative technology called pigment capsulation. This technology "holds" the pigment molecules inside tiny capsules, and the act of application actually breaks up those capsules and releases the pigment molecules. Those pigments that are released get the color of the skin on which they are applied. This technology allows adjustment to a wide range of skin tones, but the adjustment is optimal for skin in shade 3-5 on the Fitzpatrick scale.
The two BARRIER SUN products are especially suitable after invasive treatments. The BARRIER SUN preparation contains ingredients to calm the skin and has anti-inflammatory properties. The +BARRIER SUN is especially suitable for patients after interventional clinical treatment, when the risk of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation increases. The fact that this type of pigmentation is mostly common in dark-skinned women, despite the use of traditional sunscreens – which filter UVA and UVB radiation, also emphasizes the level of sensitivity of dark-skinned people to the visible skin radiation that is not filtered by traditional sunscreens.
Suitable and even recommended. Sensitive skin, skin suffering from seborrhea, atopic dermatitis, dryness, redness, etc. – are all skin conditions that are caused or exacerbated by a defective epidermal barrier. The BARRIER SUN preparations contain the SUPCERAT™ complex, which has been proven in laboratory tests on human skin tissues to restore the epidermal barrier: ⋅ the amount of self-production of hyaluronic acid in the skin increases by 64% in just 24 hours ⋅ the amount of epidermal lipids in the skin increases by 185 % in just 48 hours, that is, it almost tripled! The amount of Claudin-1 enzyme responsible for the density of The epidermal barrier in the skin increased by 37% in just 24 hours.
Definitely. In fact, since the BARRIER SUN preparations contain the SUPCERAT™ complex, which restores the epidermal barrier and allows the skin to retain moisture, a significant part of the benefits of MAHUT's daily moisturizers are also present in the protective preparations of the series.


At the beginning of the restoration routine, we will use only moisture and cleaning water for about two weeks. After this basic restoration, we will combine the active serums according to the needs of the specific patient's skin. Our excellent therapeutic skins will match the skin with the exact preparations for the restoration of the epidermal barrier.

שגרת טיפוח כוללת:
בוקר- שטיפת פנים במים פושרים, סרום, לחות והגנה.
ערב- שטיפת פנים עם מי ניקוי מקציפים, סרום, לחות.

Used daily, in the evening only. Let's say you press cleansing water on dry or damp skin and wait for about thirty seconds. Remove with room temperature water. It can be used as a mask once every two weeks and left on the skin for ten minutes before removing. As a rule, the order of the routine will be: morning face wash with water, serum, moisture and protection, evening wash with soap, serums and moisture.
Serum should be shaken well before each use and put between 4-6 drops on clean skin before moisturizing. If you use several serums, you can place them one on top of the other or mix both in the palm of your hand and then place on the face and massage until absorbed.
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