"I believe" - Dr. Marina Landau

With the increase in life expectancy, doctors in all fields of medicine were assigned a new task – no longer just treatment of diseases, but also concern for the quality of life. The transformation did not pass over the field of dermatology either. Today, dermatologists deal with the prevention of skin aging and the treatment of the signs of aging at the same time as the treatment of skin diseases.

Dr. Landau is a senior dermatologist who graduated from the Faculty of Medicine at Ben Gurion University, completed a residency in dermatology at Sourasky Medical Center Tel Aviv (Ichilov Hospital) and is a doctor (retired) in the IDF Medical Corps. After her internship, Dr. Landau underwent professional training in the USA and Canada.

Dr. Landau is considered one of the leaders in the world in the field of medical treatments for skin rejuvenation.

Dr. Landau serves as a consultant to international companies in the field of medical treatments for skin rejuvenation. She served, among other things, as president of the Israeli Society for Dermatological Surgery, founding president of the International Society for Skin Peels and a member of various committees of the American Academy of Dermatology and the Department of Cosmetics of the Ministry of Health.


In addition to being an expert in dermatology, Dr. Landau has been practicing and specializing in aesthetic and cosmetic dermatology for over 20 years with a special emphasis on non-invasive skin aging treatments.


Dr. Landau has published articles in world literature and textbooks that have gained international resonance and have been published in many languages. Dr. Landau is a sought-after lecturer at international conferences, and a leading professional authority in the world when it comes to aesthetic dermatology.

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