Cosmeclinical Skin Care
By Dr. Marina Landau

Cosmeclinical Skin Care By Dr. Marina Landau

When skin science meets technology - healthy looking skin from the inside out. scientific skin care that is exactly what it is supposed to be – not pretentious or sparkly. Not aimed at providing the perfect instagram photo-op – but goes down to the core of skin science. This is MAHUT (“Essence” In Hebrew) – science-based skin care. No Mystification. Research Only. Back To The Basics Of Your Skin.

ד"ר מרינה לנדאו

Dr. Marina Landau is a senior dermatologist and a renowned international expert in skin rejuvenation procedures.

Dr. Landau earned her reputation due to her innovative approach to rejuvenating dermatology. She is a frequent key-note speaker in national and international conferences of dermatology, aesthetic dermatology, and minimally invasive dermatological procedures. 

She served as former president of the Israeli Society for Dermatologic Surgery, is the founding president of the International Peeling Society and a veteran member of the American Academy of Dermatology.

Dr. Landau is an author of numerous chapters of dermatology and dermatologic surgery textbooks and published more than 90 scientific articles in leading Dermatologic journals.

מדע העור




is an exclusive chemical complex developed, tested, and approved by Dr. Marina Landau, at world-leader Ashland Laboratories’ facilities, in the French Riviera, and based on professional literature and scientific trials. The ️SUPCERAT™ has been proven to be highly effective in restoring skin health from the inside out, repairing of the epidermal barrier and significant moisturizing of the skin. It consists of 3 active ingredients: ceramides, peptides, and Camu Camu extract (superfruit from the Amazonian forests) rich in antioxidants and vitamins.

The effectiveness of the SUPCERAT™, visible within a short 24-48 hour period, was proven in scientific lab tests protocols:

  • 64% increase in the amount of hyaluronic acid in the skin after only 24 hours of using SUPCERAT™ ️ 
  • Almost triples (+185%) the amount of epidermal lipids in the skin after only 48 hours of using ️SUPCERAT™
  • 55% increase in the amount of ceramide synthase in the skin, after only 24 hours of using SUPCERAT™ ️ 
  • 37% increase in the amount of Claudin-1 protein (responsible for the epidermal barrier
  • density) in the skin

For the medical article about SUPCERAT

Professional diagnosis and personalized treatment

In general, cosmetics describe 5 types of skin: oily, dry, normal, mixed and sensitive.
Each of these skin types has unique characteristics, and therefore the cosmetics have been developed to suit these 5 different skin types. Tell me what type of skin you have, and I will tell you what cosmetic product you should use. Simple. If it's that simple, then why is it so complicated?

Modular cosmetics

Imagine a three-dimensional matrix (skin type, sensitivity level and indication) within which a combination of each parameter within the same dimension is possible with any other parameter in each of the other two dimensions, and also with both. Confused? It gets even more complicated... Skin can suffer from more than one indication, that is - suffer from wrinkles that require anti-aging treatments but also from pigmentation that requires a dedicated treatment. What is the solution?

"Peeling" the myths – the bare minimum according to science

In simple terms - the active ingredients are responsible for the purpose for which the product was created (moisturizing, treatment of pigmentation, acne, etc.). The base materials are responsible for the texture of the product - whether it is rich or light, with a gel or oil texture, etc. Finally, the additives are responsible for the color and smell of the product. In fact, the additives do not affect the activity of the product or its level of absorption, only its "packaging".

Restoration of the epidermal barrier

The skin is the main line of defense against environmental conditions, such as: moisture levels, temperature, sunlight, harmful microorganisms, etc. Although environmental conditions change all the time, conditions within the body generally remain stable, thanks to the epidermal barrier. How to maintain or repair the epidermal barrier?

What is a Skin Therapist?

An authorized esthetician who has completed Dr. Marina Landau's Skin Therapy training course, and certified as a Skin Therapist - ST.
STs are skin care specialists who have learned the secrets of diagnosis and treatment tailoring, which Dr. Landau has acquired over decades of career.

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